Monday, January 11, 2010

Periodic album review

This week's albums are...

→Pia-no-jaC←, "EAT A CLASSIC 2" (Boundy, 2009)

A continuation of the pop duo's "EAT A CLASSIC" series, involving arrangements of classical music in line with the group's piano and cajone-based jazz-influenced pop.  I think this album is significantly stronger than the original "EAT A CLASSIC," and it also shows the group venturing into new experiments with sound.  Since it appears that the group's goal is to figure out how to create a plethora of sounds through a minimum of instruments, it makes sense that the classical works chosen here are all ordinarily vivid orchestral pieces.   Whether by altering the piano or the cajone to make new sounds or by emphasizing precisely the absence of sound and the limitations of those instruments to capture the broad sounds of the original, Pia-no-jaC appears to have produced another album both insightful and entrancing.

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