Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So apparently I'm totally sucking at this blog things.  I know it's probably a more common occurrence than one might imagine; there are probably hundreds of blogs out there that last no longer than one entry.  Hey, I made it to two!

It's been about a month since work started again.  This year I've felt haunted by the feeling that last year never ended, and instead it's continued to follow me around.  If I remember, isn't this the kind of sentiment that was expressed at the end of Jibjab's 2008 Year in Review?  Essentially, for me it means that the work that I was unable to deal with last year ended up continuing into this year.  Now a month has passed, and it seems like my work will finally be finished by the end of this weekend.

I find the last sentence interesting.  Perhaps this is the result of being overloaded by work: I seem to have taken a step back and distanced myself from the situation.  I used to have a mantra when it came to work: no matter what, the work always gets done.  I've been trying to change it after a friend pointed out that "I" is totally absent from that phrase.  The work always gets done, but at the same time, because I am not actively involved in the work getting done, the mantra begins to act as an excuse for me to put work off until later.  As a result, I find it interesting that after all this "hard work" to change my outlook, I am once again trusting that somehow all the work I need to finish will get finished by some work of magic.

I guess that I take a bit of solace from the fact that I am not the only person that feels these emotions.  I hear from friends that they are just as much under the stress of the new year that I feel.  It's reassuring, but at the same time, I wonder why the new year continues to feel disturbingly like the old.

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