Thursday, January 29, 2009


Hi, how's it going? Thanks for visiting.

I read books for a living.  Well, I guess that's a flippant way of talking about it.  Part of what I do is to look at a book and to find its story.  What kind of a story does the book tell? How does it tell the story? Why is it bothering to tell us a story? These are questions that I think about every day.

Reading books day-in and day-out is both a blessing and a curse.  Through books, I've experienced things that I would never dream of experiencing for myself.  I travel to far off places.  I assume a multitude of jobs.  I find a wealth of new friends.  I enter worlds limited by the capacity of the author's vision and the extent of my imagination.

The curse, however, is that as my life changes from an existence of book-to-book, rather than day-to-day, I find that I start to lose hold of my own story.  What seemed to clear and straightforward before has now become hazy and convoluted.  I live my story every day, but for some reason, I am no longer aware of that story as it unfolds in front of my eyes.

That's why I wanted to create this website: to tell little stories.  The stories of my life.  The people I meet and the books I read and the sounds I hear and the things I see; these are the things I hope to capture.  Hopefully, as I tell these stories, they will help me find again my own story.  Maybe along the way, some stories won't work out.  Some will find their happy ending, some won't, and perhaps some won't end at all.  But as I tell these stories, I hope that in their telling they will make me aware of the stories taking place around me, and influence the many stories that are yet to come.

Thanks for reading.